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Time to upgrade your lifestyle from basic to super with these popular organic superfoods!

Antonio, Bronx

"Been feeling some stress and anxiety more easily this year and I have to say using the stress blend daily now for a month in my tea and as a smoker I smoke it. Without a doubt I definitely feel more relaxed and calm. A good buy."


Best to increase the ingestion of organic: papayas, berries, watermelons w. Seeds, coconuts, microgreens, ancient grains, mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables and sea weeds and to use clean oils if cooking such as: grapeseed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, safflower oil. Dairy milk replacers: walnut milk, hemp milk, cashew milk, flax milk

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Typical order may take 2-4 days for fulfillment and processing before being shipped with standard shipping (3-5 business days)


With any of our Living-Immunity products it is best that you do not consume any gluten, dairy, coffee, beans (except soaked garbanzo beans) or meat products as they will interfere with progress by way of contributing to the formation of acidosis and pathogenesis in the body!

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