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WILD Super Antioxidant Berry

We are not “allowed” to share benefits on these products due to FDA and FTC “policy” compliance. Please do your own research to find some of the amazing benefits of these superfood and herbal ingredients. Thank you and much longevity in health.


This is a yummy nutrient-dense black and blue antioxidant rich berry combination

WILD Super Antioxidant Berry

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  • Ingredients : Wild blueberry, wild raspberry, java plum, elderberry, butterfly pea flower (blue matcha), wild black current, wild blackberry, acai berry

    Directions1-2 tbsp per 8oz cup or until desired taste.

    Add hot water to dissolve powder with sweetener, then drink hot or cold. Can also be used in smoothies and juices, and tastes like blueberry plum milkshake in plant/nut milk, just add sweetner as you choose. Can also just be blended with water and sweetener to make as a juice!

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