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Eye Immunity

We are not “allowed” to share benefits on these products due to FDA and FTC “policy” compliance. Please do your own research to find some of the amazing benefits of these superfood and herbal ingredients. Thank you and much longevity in health.


All Ingredients are organic and are the pure herbs (dried or fresh) and have soaked for a minimum of 2 months before being put to be sold to market.

Eye Immunity

$25.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Ingredients: Bilberry, eye bright, goldenseal, chamomile, calendula, fennel

    Directions: Take 2 drops in each eye, close eyes and move them around for 30 seconds or eye wash with eye cups.

    Note: Eyes will burn and turn red temporarily followed by a temporary sense of lubrication and sharpness.

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